Tohatsu Outboards


Tohatsu outboards are generally priced lower than Yamaha outboards while being competitive in performance. For instance, (at the time of writing) the 40hp Yamaha is a few hundred ringgit more expensive than the 40hp Tohatsu, but the Tohatsu performs better in terms of raw power due to having a 3-cylinder design (3 pistons) while the competition utilizes a 2-cylinder design. Another another example is the 18hp Tohatsu outboard, which is only a few hundred ringgit more than the 15hp Yamaha engine.

On the flip side, Yamaha outboards are much more popular throughout Sarawak and hence it's a little easier to obtain spare parts for and have your engine serviced, though Tohatsu is not too far behind in this regard.

Whatever you're looking for, we stock 2-stroke engines up to 40hp in our store. If you want something with a little more power, say a 100hp or 200hp Yamaha engine, contact us for a quote.