Generator Spare Parts / Units


If you're looking for spare parts for generators and engines, both petrol and diesel, such as belting (even 8PK belts for Cummin engines), come find us.

We sell units too.


We have parts for:

Ts50, Ts60, Ts70, Ts80, TS105, TS130, TS180, TS190, TS230, L100, 186, 178, TF70, TF90, TF120, TF160, and more.


Some spare parts we have include:

  • air cleaner / filter

  • head assembly, rocker arm, bonnet

  • nozzle, plunger, regulator, fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, valve, valve spring

  • AVR, condenser / capacitor

  • connecting rod (or “conrod”) assembly, connecting rod bearing

  • crankshaft assembly, crankshaft bearing, crankshaft seal

  • crankcase

  • engine block assembly / piston block assembly

  • piston kit, piston ring

  • engine block liner, liner “O ring”

  • pulley & belting, fan belt

  • slip ring, carbon brush

  • head gasket, body gasket, overhaul gasket

  • alternator / dynamo (dinamo)

  • and more…