Services and Spare Parts

Meet our team of experienced mechanics :)

Meet our team of experienced mechanics :)

Our team is well-equipped and ready to help customers with their machines, whether they be chainsaws, brush cutters, outboards, generators, bar benders, drills and more. The service we provide is quick and reliable, with most customers being able to collect their items on the same day or within 1-2 days. 

As for spare parts, here are some of those we stock:

  • carburetors
  • piston kits, piston rings and piston block assemblies
  • crankshafts, connecting rods
  • diaphragms sets, gaskets
  • sprockets and clutch shoes
  • starting ropes and assemblies
  • nozzles
  • fuel caps and hoses
  • saw chains and guide bars
  • brush cutter blades
  • screws, nuts, bolts & washers
  • CDIs, AVRS, armatures, carbon brushes and etc
  • fuel tanks, diesel and fuel filters

You'll find lots more at our store. Come browse around :)