Services and Spare Parts

 Meet our team of experienced mechanics :)

Meet our team of experienced mechanics :)

Our team is well-equipped and ready to help customers with their machines, whether they be chainsaws, brush cutters, outboards, generators, bar benders, drills and more. The service we provide is quick and reliable, with most customers being able to collect their items on the same day or within 1-2 days. 

As for spare parts, here are some of those we stock:

  • carburetors
  • piston kits, piston rings and piston block assemblies
  • crankshafts, connecting rods
  • diaphragms sets, gaskets
  • sprockets and clutch shoes
  • starting ropes and assemblies
  • nozzles
  • fuel caps and hoses
  • saw chains and guide bars
  • brush cutter blades
  • screws, nuts, bolts & washers
  • CDIs, AVRS, armatures, carbon brushes and etc
  • fuel tanks, diesel and fuel filters

You'll find lots more at our store. Come browse around :)

Bar Cutters and Bar Benders, Miri

 Our mechanics are assessing a bar bender and a bar cutter for repair.

Our mechanics are assessing a bar bender and a bar cutter for repair.

If you're in construction and looking for bar cutters and bar benders, contact us for a quote.

Also available at our shop: cement mixers, generators, engines, tamping rammers, compactors, pocker pumps, pocker shafts, water pumps and hoses, chainsaws, drills, planers, brush cutters and other machinery you might be interested in. Check out our products and services page or drop by for a visit!

We also do repairs :)

Brush Cutters in Miri


Mitsubishi and Tanaka are big names in this category, and chances are you've heard of the Mitsubishi TU33, TU43, TB33, TB43, TL33, TL43 or Tanaka 328 if you've been looking around for a machine. These machines are well-known for their quality and durability.

Aside from these, you'll also find brands like Stihl, Ozawa, Shindaiwa and others at our store. Come visit!

Generators and Engines in Miri, Sarawak


Yanmar, Tough Fighter, Yamaha, TS60, Vikyno and Sumomoto are some of the common terms you'll hear thrown around if you're looking for a generator in Sarawak, with the Yanmar Tough Fighter and Yamaha generators being particularly well-known for their reliability and toughness. The Chinese engines, Vikyno (Vietnam) and Sumomoto are much more budget-priced but still decent generators. At our store, you'll find machines that generate power from 650W and up.

We also do engines separately, so you'll find brands like Robin, Yamaha, Honda and Takka Sago at our store. You can pair them with alternators (dynamos), water pumps, or even long shafts and propellers to serve as boat engines.

Contact us for a quote, or drop by for a look!

Yamaha Outboards


If you've been cruising around the riverbanks or shores of Sarawak, chances are you've seen the Yamaha Enduro outboards. These machines are highly popular and durable, and it's easy to get them fixed. Spare parts are in abundance across Sarawak, and there are workshops all around as well. Customers usually come in looking for propellers, impellers, piston rings, head gaskets, coils, throttle cables, and spark plugs.

Looking to fish along the rivers? Then try out the 2hp, 3hp, 5hp, or even the 15hp engine, which would be more than adequate.

Heading out into the ocean? Then you're looking at the 30hp, 40hp, 100hp or other more powerful engines.

Come for a look at our store!

Tohatsu Outboards


Tohatsu outboards are generally priced lower than Yamaha outboards while being similar or sometimes better in performance. We rarely receive complaints regarding Tohatsu engines, and they are often more powerful than Yamaha outboards when comparing models with the same horsepower. For instance, the 40hp Yamaha is a few hundred ringgit more expensive than the 40hp Tohatsu, but the Tohatsu performs better in terms of raw power due to having a 3-cylinder design (3 pistons) while the competition utilizes a 2-cylinder design. Another another example is the 18hp Tohatsu outboard, which is only a few hundred ringgit more than the 15hp Yamaha engine.

On the flip side, Yamaha outboards are much more popular throughout Sarawak and hence it's a little easier to obtain spare parts for and have your engine serviced, though Tohatsu is not too far behind in this regard.

Whatever you're looking for, we stock 2-stroke engines up to 40hp in our store. If you want something with a little more power, say a 100hp or 200hp Yamaha engine, contact us for a quote.

Stihl Chainsaws


Stihl chainsaws are easy to use, durable, and easy to find spare parts for. We stock the MS170, MS180, MS250, MS381 and MS070 on our shelves, but you can also get spare parts for older models like MS038, MS017, MS018, MS044, MS023 and more at our store.

Aside from chainsaws, we also sell Stihl brush cutters (enjin rumput) and mist blowers.

Contact us for a quote, or better, come by the store!